Casa Belfi “Bianco Anfora” 2016


Producer: Casa Belfi
Region: Veneto
Denomination: Delle Venezie IGT
Vintage: 2016
Grapes: Incrocio Manzoni and Chardonnay
Type: Fish entree, cheese, and dinner
Alcohol: 12%
Color: Straw yellow
Bouquet: Fruity, flowery and citrus with herbal hints
Taste: Soft to the palate with fresh fruit and mineral tones.
Serving temperature: 10°-14°C
Bottle size: 75 cl



The Casa Belfi Bianco in Anfora 2016 features a spontaneous fermentation process in steel vats and amphora, with maceration on the skins for 3 days.

The light maceration, with no clarification or filtration and without the addition of sulphites, creates a wine that evolves as you drink it.

Allowing for 15-30 minutes of aeration draws out the full flavours of the Incrocio Manzoni and Chardonnay grapes and amplifies the natural fruity, flowery, and citrus notes of the indigenous yeast and mineral tones from the earth where it was grown.

Treat yourself to a glass of this fresh wine with a fish course or cheese plate.