Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà Possa DOC 2012


Triple A

The sciacchetrà, more than a wine, is a monument of ancestral peasant resistance. This wine of millennial tradition is produced on a piece of land suspended between land and sea. The complex production of Sciacchetrà di Possa makes it a very attractive niche product.

Producer: Possa
Region: Liguria
Appellation: Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà DOC
Grape: Bosco
Type: Red
Vintage: 2015
Color: Ruby red
Bouquet: Refined and complex aromas including peach, apricot, citrus
Taste: Full-bodied mouth, rightly fresh and mineral. Long and persistent.
Pairings: Excellent alone, perfect with dried pasta, frolle and blue cheeses
Serving temperature: 12-14 °C
Alcohol grade: 14 %
Bottle content: 750 ml



The Possa Agricultural Company was born in 2004 with the intent to bring the name Cinque Terre to the splendor of the past. It is located, for the most part, in one of the most breathtaking areas of Cinque Terre where you can fully understand the labor goes into the wine. It is a young winery with the ambitious goal of safeguarding an ancient and precious production and protecting the fragile coastal territory, which includes new vineyards and citrus groves. They aim for an ideal re-stitching of the coast and the sea to emulate harvesting as it was hundreds of years ago. The harvest is strictly manual and in the cellar, the fermentation is spontaneous, without ever adding selected yeasts and with very low levels of total sulfur dioxide. They are a small cellar producing just 500-600 bottles of some vintages of some labels.


Triple A

“A” for Agricoltori (Farmers) – only those who cultivate the right vineyard can establish a relationship between man and vine and get healthy and ripe grapes exclusively with natural agronomic interventions

“A” for Artigiani (Artisans) – we need “craftsman” methods and skills to implement a winemaking process that does not change the original structure of the grapes

“A” for Artisti (Artists) – only the “artistic” sensibility of a producer, respectful of his work and his ideas, can give life to a great wine where the characters of the territory and of the vine are found