Moscato Giallo “Fiori D’arancio” Alla Costiera DOCG 2019


The Muscat family is rather large and complex. The muscat grape comes from Greece where it was originally grown, producing very fine sweet wines. It was the Romans, who particularly appreciated this vine, that diffused the vine on the Euganean Hills. The yellow muscat is very different from the usual, it takes on an intense yellow color during maturation as well as other characteristics. But, it has in common the aromatic note characteristic of the Moscato, giving it the name Muscat. A product to be tried.

Producer: Alla Costiera
Region: Veneto
Ingredients: 100 % Fior d’Arancio (Moscato Giallo)
Aging: In autoclave
Color: Straw yellow
Bouquet: Fruit bouquet
Taste: Good persistence, well-balanced structure, fresh on the palate
Pairings: It goes with fruit and desserts
Serving temperature: 8-10° C
Alcohol grade: 6%
Bottle content: 750ml