Vino Rosso “Dosset” Principiano Ferdinando 2019


Not to forget the tradition of daily wines, the winery of Principiano Ferdinando produces the “Dosset” Red Wine. With an alcohol content of only 10.5%, it is truly a fragrant, graceful and everyday wine like no other. Perfect at the table and easy to drink during snacks or snacks. “Dosset” means “Dolcetto” in Piedmontese, a symbol of the territory, linked to ancient rural traditions.

Producer: Principiano Ferdinando
Region: Piemonte
Appellation: –
Grape: Dolcetto 100%
Type: Red
Vintage: 2017
Color: Purple red
Bouquet: Dry, fruity and floral
Taste: Light and fresh, fragrant, juicy and flowing
Pairings: simple preparations of the ground kitchen. Excellent with pasta dishes dressed with tomato-based sauces
Serving temperature: 16/18 °C
Alcohol grade: 10,5%
Bottle content: 750 ml

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