Zibibbo “Serragghia” Giotto Bini IGT 2018

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Triple A
Biodynamic, vinified without the addition of sulfur dioxide and left to rest in amphorae buried under the sandy lands of Pantelleria: this Sicily Zibibbo Secco IGT “Serragghia”, of the Giotto Bini farm, has a complex, almost complicated nose, while it stuns in the mouth for its acidity, a domineering appearance. Opening a bottle with friends is tantamount to letting explode a bomb full of perfumes, tastes and aromas. Single.

Producer: Giotto Bini
Region: Sicilia
Appellation: Sicilia IGT
Grape: zibibbo 100%
Type: dry white
Vintage: 2014
Color: golden yellow
Bouquet: pungent citrus scents, and passing to ripe pear, boxwood, apricot, almond and honey. The nose is gentle and sometimes confusing with that of the passito
Taste: The palate is pulpy, soft and enveloping, guided from beginning to end by a sour, very bitter and very long acidity.
Pairings: To be combined with fish dishes, however, requires structured and complex preparations
Serving temperature: 8°-10°C
Alcohol grade: 12.5%
Bottle content: 750ml

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Triple A

“A” as Agricoltori (Farmers) – only those who cultivate the right vineyard can ‘establish a relationship between man and vine, and get a healthy and ripe grapes exclusively with natural agronomic interventions
“A” as Artigiani (Artisans) – we need “craft” methods and skills to implement a winemaking and winemaking process that does not change the original structure of the grapes, and does not alter that of the wine
“A” as Artisti (Artists) – only the “artistic” sensibility of a producer, respectful of his work and his ideas, can give life to a great wine where the characters of the territory and of the vine are found